Winchester Legal Visits Booking

There is a reception centre run by a charity (Spurgeons) in the prison, click for details. And you should book here for your visit. All visitors are required to present photo identification upon arrival at HMP Winchester. If you are unable to do so, seek advice from a member of staff on the booking line before your visit. As in all prisons, there are restrictions on what you can bring into the visiting hall, such as mobile phones, cigarettes, food and drinks, etc., and you can leave them in lockers in the reception centre (£1 deposit for a locker) This system is appalling. After 11 days of several unsuccessful attempts to book the first tour with the 3 services, online, via email and phone, we were finally told that they had not yet set it up but that they would do it immediately and call back in half an hour. You guessed it, still not set up! The father is terminally ill and the inmate is on suicidal vigil – how much more stressful can it be? I`m still waiting. How do you find the number of prisoners??? So you can book a tour online? I found booking online, a breeze. Already at the first attempt, I was rejected. But the situation was quickly clarified and the booking and response and/or rejection were sent promptly via email. As long as you`re on their list of tours, I book online with this one: they answer you pretty quickly and you don`t have to wait forever on the phone to drop by. If the man has been convicted (he has been convicted or is awaiting sentencing), he may have 2 visits per month or more, depending on his behavior. How can I find the booking form to fill out I am new on computers You can book online, go to

All you need is the name and date of birth of the person you are visiting, their prison number and visitor details. You can choose up to 3 possible dates and times. The prison reservation staff will check what is available and confirm your visit via email. If you have made an online booking request and have not received a confirmation email within 1-3 business days, send an email to [email protected]. You can also book tours by email at the above address or by phone. You must inform at least 24 hours in advance. Call 0845 223 5514 between 08:15 – 12:15 and 14:00 – 16:00. According to the information on this page: can arrange a visit to any prison in England and Wales through this service. If you are visiting someone in Northern Ireland or Scotland, you should contact the prison directly. The visit order number (VO) is generated by the booking system, is included in your confirmation email and you need it to change or cancel a booking. Hello Is there a list of prisons where online booking cannot be used? This link also lists the type of visits not covered by the online service: therefore you need to contact the prison directly.

By making it easier for prisoners to book tours, they will see more of their friends and family. It is proven that this will help in their rehabilitation. Transformation isn`t just about websites. Remand visits last 45 minutes with 2 sessions in the afternoon, visits by convicted prisoners last 1 hour 30 minutes with 1 session each afternoon. Here is the link to the booking form: Now you can book a tour online. It takes about 5 minutes. In the past, choosing an available date was a godsend. Now there is a date picker that allows you to choose 3 possible locations instead of 1.

It`s a simple service with users` needs at its core, but if you get stuck, you can call the prison reservation line and someone will help you book. This service doesn`t seem to work, it`s day 2 when you try to use it To find out more about how to book your tour, contact Winchester. You can`t just show up to visit a prisoner at Winchester Prison, this has to be done online or by phone via the booking line 01962723000 About 690 men live in Winchester. The rooms in the main wings are mostly shared. Rooms at the Westhill unit are all simple. Prisoner number Date of birth of prisoner Date of birth of all visitors accompanying you Make sure the person you are visiting has added you to their visitor list Booking a prison visit should be easy and straightforward. So far, this has by no means been the case. To book a visit, the prisoner and visitor had to jump through hoops: paper forms and long phone calls. And if the visit proved impossible, they had to start all over again. Hello Carole. You can book up to 28 days in advance. Thank you for your question.

Leave your name, phone number, the man`s name and number, and a short message about your concerns. You should be called back within 24 hours. Omg how difficult can it be to book a tour? I`m having trouble finding someone to help me arrange a visit??? The charity Spurgeons manages visitor services in Winchester. There is a limited number of parking spaces around the prison. If you arrive by car, you must park in one of the car parks in the city centre or use the Park & Ride. Buses run every 15 minutes and stop near the prison. The service was developed by the Ministry of Justice with a combined team from the National Offender Management Service, Her Majesty`s Prison Service and the Digital Services of the Ministry of Justice. A gymnasium offers recreational activities for prisoners. How far in advance can I book a tour today (Tuesday) for next Sunday??? The prison aims to provide men with caring, kind and compassionate service, allowing them to feel valued members of the prison community. Prisoners have access to the education provided by Milton Keynes College.

Prisoners have the opportunity to participate in Saints 4 Sport. The program uses sport to help participants bring routine and meaning back into their lives. Your identity will be verified upon arrival to ensure that you are on the visitor list. HMP Winchester is located not far from Winchester city centre on a rather steep hill, opposite the Royal Hampshire County Hospital. If you are driving, head to the city center and follow the signs to the hospital. The nearest car park is in the city centre, about a 15-minute walk away. For more information on this service, check out Mike Bracken`s account of his trip to HMP Rochester or visit the service transformation page. Winchester is a men`s prison and juvenile detention centre (YOI) in the centre of Winchester, Hampshire.

It is best to contact the prison directly in this case. Contact details can be found here: What happens once you have booked the tour and confirmed it by email Do you need the visit order? How do I get to Winchester Prison? Winchester Prison is a stone`s throw from the capital, Winchester. The nearest train station is Winchester Station, which is about half a mile away. The prison is located opposite the Royal Hampshire County Hospital The Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT) provides support to friends and families of Winchester men. The prison is managed by HMPS as part of the Centre-Sud region. It has a capacity of 500 people and the #1 governor is Jim Bourke, in office since 2018. A bus service #1 runs regularly from the center of the city and the train station. Click here for more details Winchester train station is well connected with frequent train schedules Taxis are available at the station or use the bus as shown above. If the man is in detention, they can have one visit a day. Visitors must dress appropriately. You may be refused if you wear clothing such as revealing clothing or clothing with offensive slogans. Hi, if a tour is booked and someone can`t do it, is it possible to change the name of one of the people to someone else? I booked a tour I did online, but I don`t have a visit order that the prison let me in? However, if you visit a prison, you only need your ID, not the VO number.