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The University of Michigan School of Law in Ann Arbor is one of the best legal education institutions in the world. Located in the Cook Quadrangle on the University of Michigan Central Campus, the law school is second to none for its beauty and superbly functional for its residential and academic community. youtube.com/user/umichlaw/vi. + Episode 1 Video / Week in May 2012 Request contact by e-mail You must communicate directly or through other official channels. Everyone needs a lawyer for a friend and now you have one! I want to help you not only achieve, but exceed your business and personal goals. We provide legal and life advice to help you be both the best entrepreneur and the best person you can be. If you want to broaden your horizons, learn about the laws, and get a hint of motivation, subscribe to weekly downloads on YouTube! youtube.com/user/afsarlawgro. + Follow Get Email Contact Want to see what your law firm`s ultimate marketing plan looks like? Start by requesting a free marketing evaluation from the law firm today so we can learn how to better serve your practice! United States At the University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law, Florida`s No. 1 law school, we strive to prepare you for success in a variety of career paths in any part of the world. An outstanding faculty, a global alumni base, and a dedicated student body will help you build your legal network and future career. youtube.com/user/ufloridacol.

+ Follow Request Email Contact Us Towson, Maryland, United States As owner-manager of the law firm Saint Yves, Marie-Yves Nadine Jean-Baptiste focuses on estate planning, administration and taxation. Based in Towson, Maryland, Marie-Yves is passionate about providing a brighter future for those in need of legal/protection services. Lawyer Nadine Jean-Baptiste believes that adequate representation cannot make the legal process so scary. Marie-Yves was admitted to the Maryland Bar and the U.S. District Court. youtube.com/channel/UC_b1. + Follow 1 video/week Get email contact Now, just because the options we list are frequently used doesn`t mean they`re all useful for your particular marketing strategy in law firms. Some channels will be more relevant than others, simply because of the behavior of your ideal customer. Here`s a hypothetical example to explain: social media can mostly be done organically for law firm marketing and therefore doesn`t come at a high price, like paid advertising (did you know that legal industry keywords are still among the most expensive words for Google text ads?).

On the other hand, a paid advertising campaign can be set up and launched in just thirty minutes for a while. Lawyers have to log into social platforms for several hours each week just to find the right clients, let alone build relationships with them. The Inside Man powered by JMW Solicitors is a legal insider who discusses with the firm`s lawyers the latest news and developments in the field of law in order to simplify some of life`s most complex topics and provide practical legal advice via video. Dominic Walker is JMW`s inner man. As a media, data, reputation management and sports law lawyer with a background in radio, Dominic has his finger on the pulse of the law and is ready to receive explanations and comments from colleagues on the latest news and developments. youtube.com/c/JMWInsideMa. + Follow 3 videos/day Receive contact by email Other potential clients will know they have a legal problem, such as a divorce, but they don`t know which lawyer can best suit their needs. In these cases, customers can benefit from a small warm-up message that is personalized for them and gradually builds confidence. These messages can be sent by email or directly on social media. Are you considering a career in law? You`re on the right channel. As one of the oldest specialist providers of legal education in the UK, we have been training the best legal minds for over 100 years. Here on our channel, you can learn about university life, hear from our current and former students, keep up to date with our news, or see if a law degree is right for you.

youtube.com/user/CollegeofLa. + Follow 29 videos / month â Nov 2007 Email request Contact us Our team of marketing experts has been performing fully controlled marketing for law firms of all sizes and fields of activity for years. Each service engagement begins with a tailored practices audit, where we compare our historical data with your company`s current activities and long-term goals. Ultimately, you`ll get a twelve-month action plan, divided by quarter, that tells you which marketing channels are most likely to succeed – and it`s up to you, whether or not you want to switch to outsourced marketing services. India This channel will cover current and classic legal topics and videos related to law. The goal behind this channel is to present legal issues in an attractive, youtube.com/channel/UCEjx way. + Follow 1 video/week Email request Contact UK We provide world-class legal solutions to help you practice the law, manage your organization, and help you and your business grow.