What Does Doomed Mean Definition

“The British Raj is doomed,” she whispered, lowering her voice and bringing her beautiful eyes closer to hers. At the heart of the Saturn Nebula is the doomed star visible in this image, which is about to become a white dwarf. However, the large number of what scientists believe to be doomed octopuses and their eggs suggests that there is better habitat nearby. Louis the goon angel was just a simple walker in the room, a spear bearer condemned to death. Fate, fate, lot, game, fall mean a predetermined state or an end. Fate implies an inevitable and, as a rule, negative outcome. The fate of the submarine is unknown Fate involves something predetermined and often indicates a great or noble course or an end. The fate of the country to be a model of freedom for the world lot and part involves a distribution according to fate or destiny, many suggest by a blind coincidence that it was their lot to die childless, part involves the division of good and evil. Repentance was his daily dose of misfortune clearly implies a dark or catastrophic fate.

If the rebellion fails, its disappearance is certain The poor woman forced her tears to smile at the unhappy son she knew was doomed. And yet, when Utterson noticed his bad appearance, it was with a touch of great firmness that Lanyon declared himself condemned. But in all this, we were doomed to disappointment, sad, sad disappointment. Vor dem 12. Long John`s eyes were burning in his head when he picked up the map, but from the cool sight of the paper, I knew he was doomed to disappointment. Was she condemned by science in 2014 to a life of sexual misery? lost; unfortunate; disastrous; unhappy; No luck, I would have liked to deal with it – but (with a deep voice and a heavy sigh) it seems that I was doomed to blindness. The shark fell back into the sea, helpless but with all its might, doomed to starvation – a living death less for him than for the man who had conceived the punishment. I think we thought so; and I know that Ennis, who was thus condemned to another period of solitary bliss, thought the same thing. Dear Madam, I had no one to support me; Everyone considered me a wretched man condemned to shame and destruction.

However, she was not doomed to ignore her measures for long. Imagine being forever condemned to live in a youthful mistake. The Arab Spring has failed, but it has shown that old regimes are doomed if they do not fundamentally change, which is highly unlikely. In the end, the changing threat and huge price doomed the program to failure and only three ships are being built at exorbitant cost. Convicts are people who are marked by a lot of bad luck, especially death. When you learn of a tragedy, like a tsunami that kills a lot of people, you feel bad for the subordinate. Condemned is a plural noun for a group of unhappy people, and it is also an adjective that describes someone destined to die. A runaway dog killing the animal control officer`s chickens is convicted, and many characters from Shakespeare`s tragic plays are condemned. They may also follow condemned by “too much” meaning “determined” or “fateful”.

Your uncle could be sentenced to work as a school bus driver for the rest of his career. Trying to adapt all this to a desired goal is not only a form of madness, but doomed to failure. Not surprisingly, despite the general apocalyptic atmosphere, some industries that fit very well into this amended provision have actually exploded. With deadly and highly contagious facial cancer tearing apart devil populations, predictions over the past decade have meant an imminent end for the iconic marsupial. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! death (no longer having or having or expecting life) Middle English, from Old English dÅm; similar to Old High German tuom condition, state, Old English dÅn to make sure; Combine the pandemic with over a quarter of a million deaths, high unemployment, a health care system in crisis, and a recession, and you`d likely have a formula for entrepreneurial catastrophe. unhappy (not promoted by happiness; marked or accompanied by or leads to unhappiness) Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. Nevertheless, the drink has managed to retain a few passionate followers, even though rumors of its imminent demise have continued to circulate over the years.

(Huge group of octopus dams discovered in the depths of the sea, National Science Foundation) While Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious culprits, this all applies to other websites and social networks, so you may also want to rethink how you use these platforms.