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Posthumous sperm collection: is it ethical and how does it work? on Giddy MB: How does Maine compare to other states in terms of legal rights around surrogacy? JO: Unlike many other states, Maine has inclusive laws that apply regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation or genetic relationship. Maine laws protect intended parents and surrogates and provide clear requirements and certainty as to who is a legal parent. People from other states and countries are specifically planning surrogacy trips to Maine for these reasons. Try searching for Los Angeles US Capitol Central Park NY MB: What do you find most rewarding about what you call a “happy” area of law? This fascination, combined with my inability to imagine life without my two daughters, left me little choice: I had to help others experience this joy. Janene Oleaga: My clients are anyone who is expanding their families through assisted reproduction or adoption, including LGBTQ people and those navigating infertility. I represent adoptive parents, intended parents, surrogate mothers, sperm donors, egg donors and embryo donors. Janene Oleaga is a Portland-based attorney and entrepreneur who founded the law firm Oleaga Law LLC in September 2020 to assist clients in Maine and New York with assisted reproduction, third-party assisted reproduction and family training. I also expect more cases related to sperm donation agreements between friends without proper contracts and necessary procedures. JO: I want to work on cases that impact precedents that support LGBTQ parents. I would like to increase commitment to family-friendly advocacy at the state and federal levels.

I want to legislate to give everyone access to fertility insurance. Above all, I want to continue to help people start a family – there is so much to do in this area. I`m excited about everything. MB: How has starting a business presented challenges or opportunities during the pandemic? The lawyers listed specialize in fertility law, adoption, and estate planning to protect you and your family. Whether you`re a same-sex couple, a queer person, or an ally (who wants to make sure the lawyer they choose is too) looking for help with second-parent adoption, step-parent adoption, surrogacy arrangements, sperm donation contracts, or estate planning (i.e. wills + power of attorney), these lawyers have you covered. Please note that we are updating the directory, so if your state or province is not already listed, stay tuned (sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest updates!) JO: I now have a case where we`re trying to explain post-mortem legal parentage, and I expect there will be more in the future. There will continue to be disputes regarding parental rights and property rights over frozen embryos, particularly with respect to divorce. There will also be more same-sex parental separation lawsuits in a state that recognizes only one parent as the legal parent. At Connecting Rainbows, we take the stress + overwhelm of finding not only a lawyer, but also an advocate who understands the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

JO: I knew there was a need for surrogacy lawyers, and while I brought enthusiasm and energy to this niche, I needed a mentor. Instead, I had two: Kathleen DeLisle, a prominent assisted reproduction lawyer in Massachusetts, and Joe Michaud of SCORE, who helped me develop the business aspects of my law firm. I will be eternally grateful for their support and guidance. JO: I can play a small role in helping people become parents – seeing children who are deeply desired placed in loving homes. The magnitude of this has not escaped me. Why queer couples are rushing to get married now MB: How did you start your own business and what were some of the obstacles? MB: What are some examples of contentious cases in which you have been involved, and what lessons do you draw from these experiences? MB: In the longer term, what are your plans for exercise? It`s important to create legal protection for your family – but where do you start and what do you need? I want to put Maine at the forefront of family education law so that other states view Maine as a paradigm for assisted reproduction. I want to work on more surrogacy arrangements between friends because I admire every friendship of this depth. JO: In addition to the obvious challenges, COVID has presented unexpected opportunities.

Travel restrictions meant more time at home for everyone, so I hosted webinars on surrogacy and family building. When courtrooms became remote, I represented clients via Zoom, which allowed me to be in multiple courtrooms across the state in one day. Mainebiz: What services does Oleaga Law LLC offer and who are your clients? JO: As I grew my family, many of my friends struggled to do the same, whether because of infertility or the nature of a same-sex couple. A gay couple I`m close to experienced years of challenges while raising their own family through egg donation and surrogacy. Her determination, the compassion of her surrogate, and the medical and legal intricacies of surrogacy fascinated me.