O Que Tem De Legal Em Brasilia

Also, there`s another statue of JK and owner Sarah Kubitschek sitting on a bench where everyone takes a picture because that`s pretty cool too. All this on a large and beautiful meadow and a mirror of water in front of the monument itself. For example, the national flag, which is permanently hoisted in the square, is considered the largest flag hoisted in the world. Once a month has a military ceremony in the square to exchange the flag, very cool to see. See the National Library and Museum from the outside. On the other side of Avenida Eixo Monumental, there is also a very interesting building, the National Theatre, which looks like a pyramid. The first tourist place in Brasilia for an internal visit is the Metropolitan Cathedral, symbol of the capital and with a completely different architecture. A cool tip and what everyone likes to do is to “play” with the effect of acoustics in the cathedral. To do this, go to one end of the wall, touch your face, and talk in a low voice to another person on the other end.

How about a pic-breakfast? That`s right, sitting on the floor, with a very large towel, where different types of cakes, snacks, coffee, juice, etc. are placed. Because that`s what the Botanical Garden of Brasilia offers visitors! It`s just cool!! But it is good to be early so as not to wait too long, as this coffee is highly sought after. The area is very safe because it is located in front of the headquarters of the Brazilian army, so there are always soldiers walking around. In fact, this barracks has a huge acoustic shell right in front of it, and we can go there and share with the sound effects it creates, it`s really cool. Depending on the season, the theme of the lights also changes. For example, in pink October they are pink, in blue November the lights are blue, and so on. But at any time of the year, it`s very cool and this tour delivers beautiful photos. In addition to coffee, the Botanical Garden naturally has plants to enjoy, like all gardens of this kind. It`s a really nice place to walk, relax and take pictures. It is ideal to go in spring, when all the plants have bloomed and give the place a special color. Between the two buildings there are three artficiais lagoinhas, in a very spacious area where cultural presentations, exhibitions, etc.

are usually held. There was even a large capoeira aulão that occupied the entire surface of the square very coldly. Further at the end of the North Asa, between blocks 413 and 414, this eco-friendly park was also very well visited, and very cool for a walk. The memorial houses JK`s personal collection. In addition, the visitor can also enjoy photos of the construction of Brasilia, very cool. Very good and complete this article, I loved it! Thank you for including the map in The Mã£. Cuddles! The Planalto Palace can also be visited, but only on Sundays. The highlight of the visit is the visit to the office of the Brazilian president.

More information on public tours is available here. Outside, on the ramp, the soldiers are usually dragons of independence. If you can, look at the changing of the guard, which has been going on for two hours, and it is very interesting. Know where to go and what to do in Brasilia, know your main tourist points. In addition, © the place is© fully accessible with ramps and an elevator and also©has explanatory brochures in different languages scattered around the site. For example, today, the 19th. April 2018, Dumbo and Shazam, which can also be seen in the cinemas of normal cinemas in the city. And to hear the sound of the movie, simply set 88.7 FM on your car stereo. Very simple! And the sound is perfect! You can discover all this by visiting the Central Bank Values Museum in Brasilia! It is also possible to rent a boat trip along Lake Paranoá and enjoy the tranquility of the view. This is really an option of what to do in Brasilia that should not be missed on any visit.

The best time© to get to know our federal capital is© between April and June. Indeed, during this period, the weather is firm and the vegetation is green due to the rains of recent months. You`ll find everything from individual T-shirts to decorative items and personal utensils such as umbrellas and bags. Everything sold in BSB Memo brings images and phrases related to Brasilia. While the Alvorada is closed to visitors, the only presidential facility open to the public is the Planalto Palace, which receives visitors on Sundays. It is important to make an appointment. Pay attention to the permitted clothing: visitors wearing shorts, shorts, miniskirt, tank top, cap and slippers are not allowed. Another project of Oscar Niemeyer, the digital television tower, is located at one of the highest points of the Federal District. The tower has a viewpoint of 120 meters high that offers a 360 ° view of Brasilia, where©there is also a model of the city. Visiting hours are from 08:00 to 23:00, but on some days the schedule may be shorter due to the presentation of cultural events. If you want a traditional bar in the capital for lunch or late afternoon, head to Beirut. And for a great burger, the Madero restaurant is in demand, with a unit now in the Patio Brazil shopping center, near the hotel sector.

The place is a very large space, shoes, clean, very quiet and ideal for family walks and learn a little more about our capital. Near Mangai is the edge of the jk bridge, where you can enjoy the beautiful appearance of the bridge and Lake Paranoá, two sites of the sights of Brasilia.Ali, you can also rent water sports such as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. Gibiteca still operates from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and is one of Brasilia`s tips for those who want to enjoy a good reading in df all afternoon. absolutely necessary to go to the Brazilians, and this is not the monumental axis. Visit the city`s superblocks (I recommend a walking tour of blocks 108 South and 308 South, where the simple Church of Fatima is located.) Therefore, the tourist can imagine what it is like to live in the pilot plan, the upside-down area of the city. Watch the reforestation and walk aimlessly in the shady south wings. The work of Oscar Niemeyer and Luciocio Costa, the Order of the Three Powers, is© a large room (it has 120 x 220 m) that houses the houses of the three powers: the Palácio do Planalto (executive), the Congress (legislative) and the Federal Supreme Court (judicial). Among the most visited attractions are the compensation of architectural projects by Oscar Niemeyer and urban planners by Lúcio Costa. The park has 24-hour security. Visit: From 6 to 19 hours – Free admission Admission is free and you can watch various exhibitions and film screenings in the galleries, as well as enter the library and Gibiteca, which has several books and plays.

Monuments of Brasilia: what to know in the capital of Brazil? The buildings surprise with their modernity, full of curves and bold angles. The main monuments and differentiated buildings are located on the monumental axis, so it is very easy to visit them in the redwood. The city is perfect for planning a last-minute trip. On weekends and holidays, you`ll always find plane tickets to Brasilia (because you`re traveling against the current), and hotels are suddenly accessible because politicians and executives are out of town.