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If farmers vote in favour of the sale, only $235 million will be left of the historic Murray Goulburn, including $195 million to defend against class action lawsuits and investor-led Australian Competition and Consumer Commission lawsuits. Murray Goulburn`s insurer AIG Australia says it should not pay 20% of a $42 million class action lawsuit filed by the […] No oral hearing has yet been scheduled for the class action. A separate class action lawsuit on behalf of farmers was dropped after the co-op agreed to abandon its recovery of funds from farmers. The bill would limit the fees of class action lawyers and litigation funders to 30 percent of the total payment and give judges the power to approve and adjust the terms set out in the funding agreement for the distribution of products to ensure they are fair and reasonable. Attorney Alex Elliott was involved in a plan by his late father to mislead the court and class members in the Banksia class action lawsuit to […] The son of controversial financier and lawyer Mark Elliott has been involved in a lawsuit alleging that the lawyers behind the Banksia Securities class action lawsuit conspired to […] The funds were “ripped off by high-flying silk merchant Norman O`Bryan and class action lawyer Mark Elliott,” who also ran Australian Funding Partners, the litigation finance firm behind the lawsuit. The judge who oversaw a settled Murray Goulburn class action lawsuit that raised millions of dollars for the same legal team accused of serious misconduct in […] A judge signed a $37.5 million settlement for Murray Goulburn, but the […] An investor-led class action lawsuit against Murray Goulburn is unlikely to begin before the dairy processor`s producers and shareholders have voted on selling it to Canadian company Goulburn. On December 20, 2019, the Federal Court of Australia issued orders approving the class action settlement and appointing Slater and Gordons Ben Hardwick (Class Administrator) as administrators of the settlement distribution system. Class members will receive an update shortly with details of the approved settlement, including more information on the process and estimated distribution schedule. The lawyers and backers intended to claim $19.3 million in legal fees and commissions on the $64 million settlement. The money was given to 15,600 investors, many of them seniors who lost money when Banksia Securities collapsed in 2012. No. A separate class action lawsuit was filed by Elliot Legal on behalf of John William Cruse Webster as trustee of the Elcar Pty Ltd Super Fund Trust (Webster class action) against Murray Goulburn and others.

If you are unsure whether you are a member of Endeavour River Class Action, please contact Slater and Gordon or IMF. The cost consultant who entered the lawsuit as a defendant for alleged misconduct of the Banksia class action legal team has died, the second person […] Murray Goulburn has launched a lawsuit against AIG Australia to recover 20% of a $42 million class action lawsuit it paid. “Overall, Corcordis estimates that the company has $173,000 in assets, but owes more than $23.3 million to its creditors — almost all unsecured.” This means that there is nothing left for the members of the group. The investors, led by John Webster, initially filed a class action lawsuit in Victoria Supreme Court in May 2016 before the case was sent back to the Federal Court last May. Omni Bridgeway is funding a class action lawsuit, known as the Endeavour River class action lawsuit, on behalf of certain investors filed during the September 29 period. From May 2015 to April 26, 2016 inclusive (the “Claim Period”) the acquired shares of MG Unit Trust. MG Unit Trust shares trade on the ASX under the stock code “MGC”. Law firm Slater and Gordon is also considering filing a class action lawsuit, but so far nothing has been filed in court. Lawyer Norman O`Bryan SC has dropped his defence of allegations of misconduct related to the Banksia Securities class action lawsuit and expressed his remorse in court for […] In the ruling against Australian Funding Partners and others linked to the class action, Victoria Supreme Court Justice John Dixon said the lawyers had engaged in “blatant behaviour” and described the attempt to charge the victims as a “fraudulent scheme”. M. Elliott also requested additional documentation about Murray Goulburn`s interactions with his lawyers at Herbert Smith Freehills, while the firm was engaged to provide legal advice on the co-op`s partial listing on the Australian stock exchange. Attorney Alex Elliott, the son of the mastermind behind an alleged fraudulent scheme by some members of the legal team in the Banksia class action lawsuit, […] There is a separate class action lawsuit against Murray Goulburn, MGRE and 11 directors of Murray Goulburn and/or MGRE, which has been filed and is continuing by John William Cruse Webster as trustee of the Elcar Pty Ltd Super Fund (Webster Class Action).

Victoria`s legal regulator is urged to investigate possible misconduct against the legal team behind Banksia Securities` controversial class action lawsuit over its […] The class action lawsuit was filed on September 17. August 2018 by Slater and Gordon Lawyers on behalf of the plaintiff and certain current and former shareholders of MG Unit Trust who had entered into a litigation financing agreement with Omni Bridgeway prior to October 26, 2018. Class Members in the Endeavour River Class Action are not Class Members in the Webster Class Action. If you are unsure whether you are a member of the Endeavour River class action lawsuit, please contact Omni Bridgeway at the contact information below. On August 16, 2018, Slater and Gordon and IMF Bentham Limited (ASX: IMF) commenced proceedings against Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Limited (Murray Goulburn or MG) and its subsidiary MG Responsible Entity Limited (MGRE) on behalf of the aggrieved shareholders of Murray Goulburn`s listed entity, MG Unit Trust (ASX: MGC).